Just a Splash of Ink

This little scene was inspired by the last picture post from the month of September from over at the WriYe DreamWidth.  I’ve finally got names for all my new characters, so I’m going to put them here and add them to the other posts, as well.


52-7f78e075baJennifer heard a snap and looked up from the vegetables that she was chopping.  One of her house guests had snapped a pen in two.  She watched as Trey physically recoiled from the spilled ink.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, tilting her head to one side.  She smiled and added, “Worried about getting it on your nice clean uniform?”

Trey’s brows furrowed and he looked down at his uniform.  The tunic was already stained with all manner of things.  Turning back to her, he smiled.  “You were teasing?” he said, tilting his head to one side.

“Yeah,” Jennifer said, nodding.  She grabbed a sponge from the sink and wet it down.  Then, she blotted at the ink, until she had most of it up.  She rinsed the sponge and returned to wipe down the table.  “It’s just ink, Trey.  It won’t hurt you.”

“Trodlar,” Shawn said, his voice low.  When both of them frowned at him, he rolled his eyes.  “His name is Trodlar and mine is Shanmias, not that ridiculous thing you keep calling me, girl.”

“My name’s Jennifer,” she said, shrugging.  “Stop calling me ‘girl’ and I’ll consider calling you by your proper name.”

“I don’t mind that you call me Trey,” the other replied, his voice faint.  His brows furrowed.  “Ink?  It looks like… our blood is like that.”

“Our blood is red,” Jennifer said, shaking her head firmly.  “This is just… ink.  We use it to write.  You broke the pen, Trey.  That’s going to make the ink come out.”

“I’ll be more careful with your… pens,” Trey said, giving her a wry smile.  “Breaking them is disconcerting.”

“Maybe you could write with a different color,” Jennifer said, chuckling.  “Would blue be better?  I’ve also got green.”  She chuckled when Trey’s eyes widened in excitement.  At least one of them was easy to please.