Oh, my gourd…

This fun little seasonal piece was inspired by a picture prompt over at the WriYe DreamWidth.


45-c15925f120Amy couldn’t help but smile at the way that Brook reacted to the scene.  It couldn’t have been better than if she’d just taken her younger siblings to pick pumpkins.  They would have wanted them to carve, but Brook had other things in mind.

He zoomed around the scattered pumpkins and gourds, his wings buzzing loudly.  Finally, he lighted on the largest pumpkin in the group.  “This one,” he said, looking at her.  His eyes were wide and hopeful.  “Please, Mistress, may we get this one?  It smells so delicious!”

“Well, all right,” Amy said, stifling a laugh.  She turned to the farmer and pointed out the pumpkin that Brook had picked out.  “That one,” she said, “could you help me get it to the car?”

“Sure, miss,” he said, smiling.  “That’s going to make one fine jack o’lantern.”

Amy chuckled and shook her head.  “I doubt it’ll last that long,” she said.  When the farmer gave her a quizzical look, she shrugged.  It was kind of hard to explain to the man that the little winged being he couldn’t even see would probably devour the pumpkin on the way home.  Sprites simply couldn’t resist gourds and squash of any kind.


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