What’s the Purpose?

This little scene was inspired by both a picture from the WriYe DreamWidth and my own experience with something called a “Pumpkin Walk”.


46-84f0f70264Jennifer wasn’t sure why she’d invited Trey and Shawn with her to see the carved pumpkins.  However, now that they were there, she was glad she’d done it.

“Some of them look… happy,” Trey said.  He waved a particularly manic looking pumpkin and said, “Is that a spider in its eye?”

“I can’t tell,” Jennifer admitted, shrugging.  She pointed to another.  “That’s a witch flying across the moon.  Really well done, too!”

“What’s the point in carving faces into pumpkins?” Shawn asked, sounding confused and annoyed.  “What is this… Halloween?”

“It’s just for fun at this point,” Jennifer said, waving his words away.  She frowned at Shawn when he made a scoffing sound.  “Don’t your people do anything just for fun?”

“No,” Shawn said, his voice soft.

Trey chuckled and nodded.  “Yes, we do,” he said, poking his companion in the arm.  “The light shows.”

“That’s exercising our – our gifts,” Shawn said, shaking his head quickly.

Trey chuckled.  “Right,” he said.  Then, he looked at Jennifer and shook his head.  “Mostly, though, it’s just for fun.”

“Well, the pumpkin carving gets sort of competitive,” Jennifer said, shrugging.  “People try to outdo each other – carve more and more intricate designs.”

“That I can understand,” Shawn said.  He waved at a particularly intricate pumpkin and said, “This one exceeds the others by far.  I would say that its carver won.”

“That’s the spirit,” Jennifer said, as she moved ahead.  Pointing further out, she said, “What about that one?”  Soon, it seemed that both of her new friends were enjoying themselves and really, wasn’t that the whole point?


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