Blind to the Obvious

I’m having too much fun writing about Trodlar and Shanmias.  I love the way they interact.  This story was inspired by a phrase prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth: the public will believe anything.

“How can they not notice?” Jennifer said, as they walked among the costumed crowd.  When Trey shrugged, she scowled.  “You’ve got three eyes, Trey.  No one’s even… bothered by the third eye in your forehead.”

“They believe that it’s part of a costume,” Trey said, shrugging.  He grinned and waved at a young woman.  “I like your tail,” he said.

“Thanks,” she said, shaking her backside to make the tail sway.  “Your eye is great!”  Then, she meandered away from them.

Trey nodded after her.  “Thank you,” he said, all three of his eyes squeezing closed in pleasure.  Then, he looked at Jennifer.  “It’s easy for them to see what they want.  As a whole, people will believe nearly anything, given an explanation they can comprehend.”

“It’s Halloween, so that must be a costume,” Jennifer said, frowning.  “Even though it blinks and tracks them as they walk by you?”

Shrugging again, Trey said, “Easier to believe that than for them to believe that I’m a real alien.  Right?”

“Works to our advantage, anyway,” Shawn said, scowling.  He glanced at Trey.  “Do you sense anything?”

Nodding, Trey pointed off to the left.  “This way,” he said.


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