A Little Friend

This little scene was inspired by a few things… a picture prompt on the WriYe DreamWidth started it off, but I also know that chickadees actually will come pretty close if you imitate their whistle back at them.  The characters are two that will feature in my NaNo next month.


63-b1deb983b0Eoin heard a familiar whistle from a nearby tree and looked up, a smile already forming on his lips.  “Hello, little friend,” he said, his voice soft.

The little bird whistled again.  Chuckling softly, Eoin imitated the whistle.  He wasn’t at all surprised when the little bird flew to a closer branch.  He continued whistling back and forth with the little bird, each time drawing it just a bit closer.

It was nearly close enough that he could have reached out and touched it when it suddenly spooked and flew away.  Frowning, he glanced over one shoulder.  He wasn’t very surprised to see his lieutenant standing behind him.

“If you’re quite done, Captain,” Clancy said, giving him a sunny smile, “there’s some paperwork that requires your attention.”

“Of course,” Eoin said, his tone honey-sweet.  He spun on his heel and swept back into the building where he worked.  Even the birds knew that Clancy wasn’t as good as he appeared.  Why was it that he had everyone else in Lord Aren’s service fooled?