A Lunch Break

This little scene was inspired by a photo prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  It’s part of a crossover with my original characters and… actually… Dragon Age: Inquisition (although none of those character appear in this excerpt).

In this scene, Markus and Jack are sitting up in the rigging of a ship…


56-f811484104“You know what this reminds me of?” Markus asked, casting a sidelong glance at the young man beside him.  He smiled when Jack simply shook his head.

Eyes twinkling, the sailor said, “Why don’t ya tell me?”

Markus glanced out at the horizon.  The sea was as still as glass, reflecting the sky above in a clear, rich blue.  Still, the ship swayed and he could feel the movement under him.  “Back home,” he said, his voice soft, “there are buildings at least as tall as this… maybe even taller.  The people who built them, when it was time for lunch, might just sit down on the steel beams that made up the structure.”

He glanced over at Jack and shook his head.  “Nothing under them but the ground… far below them,” he said.  “Still… they weren’t frightened.  Just like you.”

“You’re up here too,” Jack said, shaking his head, “same as me.”

Markus stifled a weak laugh and then heaved a sigh.  “I may be up here with you, but… I’m not as fearless about it as you are.”

“Courage ain’t the lack of fear, Mark,” Jack said, his voice faint.  “It’s doing what you want – what you think is right – without letting the fear hold you back.”  When Markus looked back at him, he grinned.  “From where I’m sitting, you much braver and, I’m sure your brother would say, more sensible: at least you know enough to be afraid, after all.”

“I guess,” Markus said, giving another weak laugh.


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