A Little Collection

Another little excerpt from the same crazy crossover of my characters and those from Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Dorian appears in this one.  It was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


He frowned as he looked at the shiny, colorful buttons.  They were all very interesting.  Some were plants or animals.  A few were nothing more than faces.

He chuckled when he noticed that three – together – made up a long dog and her puppies.  Strangest, though, were the dragons on what Markus called bicycles.

“What are these?” he said, pointing to the people with box-shaped heads.

“Robots,” Liesel said, nodding.  The word meant nothing to Dorian, but it seemed to make sense to her, so he let it go for the moment.  She pointed to one of a yellow flower.  “Frieda gave me this one,” she said, grinning.

“Why is that one sideways?” he asked, pointing to one of the bicycle-riding dragons.

Liesel shrugged.  “The stegosaurus wanted to ride up the wall, I guess,” she said.  Then, she scampered off to continue with her unpacking.

Dorian shook his head and turned to leave the girl to her work.  Life would certainly be interesting with the Engels around.


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