Crossing the Line

Yet another one of my crossover pieces with my Engels and the characters from Dragon Age: Inquisition.  It’s a small scene that was prompted by a phrase from the WriYe DreamWidth: Find where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.


Johannes strode into the tavern that was called “The Herald’s Rest” and glanced around.  It took him only a moment to spot the Inquisitor and the members of her inner circle.  They were sitting around a table by the fire.  For a moment, Johannes simply stood in the doorway.  His brothers and sisters were at his back.  He waited until one of the people they were there to see noticed him.

Dorian spotted them first.  He blinked and set his drink down on the table, before leaning to one side to whisper to the Inquisitor.

As she met Johannes’s gaze, Konrad leaned down to ask, “Are you sure about this, Hansel?”  He knew as well as Johannes that the other elders wouldn’t approve of what he was about to do.  The Crosses were meant to keep all information about Singers secret from everyone outside of the families.  The line was clearly drawn and Johannes was well aware of what he was doing by telling these people – these outsiders – anything beyond what they had absolutely needed to know.

Nodding in response to his brother’s question, Johannes stepped forward.  He made his way over to the table where the Inquisitor sat with far more confidence than he actually felt.  He paused behind two women and bowed politely.  “My lady,” he said, “there’s something I need to discuss with you.”  He spoke in a soft voice, but there was no hint of fear in his tone.  Then, with cool deliberateness, he crossed the line that had been so neatly laid out for him two years before.


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