Seasons of Change

This little scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  Cullen Rutherford gets a cameo – he’s from Dragon Age: Inquisition.


79-e0df9776c8Konrad watched the children – his younger brothers and sisters – playing in the snow. Liesel and Frieda were building a snowman. Markus was cheerfully making suggestions – finding small stones and suitable sticks for the details. Johannes was sliding down small slopes of snow in the courtyard on a shield.

Once the snowman was finished, the wind picked up, shaking the last of autumn’s leaves from the trees. Liesel and Frieda laughed as the wind swirled around them, carrying snow and leaves in equal measure. Markus chuckled as he tied his scarf around the snowman’s neck. Then, he beckoned to his sisters. “Let’s try sledding,” he said. Then, he spun away and hurried over to where Johannes was. Soon, the four of them were taking turns sliding through the courtyard on the shield.

Konrad stifled a laugh when Cullen appeared in the doorway of the tavern scowling. He shrugged and waved at the children. “Johannes found a creative use for that shield,” he said.

Cullen grimaced. “Just as long as he doesn’t break it, I suppose,” he said, shaking his head.


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