Total Eclipse

This is another story inspired by the WriYe DreamWidth.  This one is also using a photo prompt.  The scene is set when Keenan was still working for Elayne, since that’s when I’ve been writing him of late.


Keenan swept his weathering cloak around his shoulders as he headed out into the courtyard. He stifled a sigh when someone called his name.

Whirling around, he found that Rusty was leaning against the nearby wall, his arms crossed over his chest. “You’re in an awful hurry,” he said, smirking. “Late for a very important date?”

“No time to say hello. Goodbye,” he said, shaking his head. He spun away from the tall mage and then stopped when when a tangle of vines grew up in front of the gate. “Seriously, Rusty?” he said, glancing at the mage. “You know how I feel about those things.”

“Elayne said you were supposed to stay in the castle, Keenan,” Rusty said, shaking his head. He shrugged. “Either that or you don’t go alone.”

Keenan ground his teeth for a moment. Then, he pointed up at the sky. “Eclipse,” he said. “Total eclipse and I need to gather the fluxweed at the apex of the eclipse, or it will be useless. Move your vines or I’ll burn them, Rusty.”

That did the trick. The vines retreated and Keenan bolted out of the courtyard. He wasn’t especially surprised when Rusty fell into step behind him. He skidded to a stop as he reached the patch of fluxweed that he’d found the week before. He settled his glasses into place and glanced towards the sun.

Total Eclipse“Perfect,” he said. As he dropped to his knees and began gathering the fluxweed, he added, “Don’t look at the sun unless you’d like to burn your retinas and go blind.”

“You just did,” Rusty said, his tone irritable.

“These have special filters on them,” Keenan said, tapping his glasses. “It’s safe for me, but your eyes aren’t protected.” He finished gathering the plants and settled a cloth over them. Keenan moved to his feet. “Let’s go,” he said.

Then, he started up the hill back towards the castle. He chuckled softly when Rusty fell into step behind him. “You really can walk beside me, you know,” he called. He gave Rusty a sidelong glance when the tall man stepped up beside him. “I wouldn’t have really burned your vines, you know?” he said.

“I know,” Rusty said, rolling his eyes. “The only way you’d attack a plant is if it attacked you first.” He shook his head. “Then, all bets are off. The sooner Alaric learns that, the happier he’ll be.”

Keenan rolled his eyes and nodded. “Phillip’s told him, but he’s stubborn,” he murmured.

“What do you need the fluxweed for anyway?”

Smiling, Keenan held the basket closer to his chest. “Fluxweed gathered on the solar eclipse goes into my invisibility potion,” he said. “Tristan wants the stuff, I need this to make it.”

“You could have just said so,” Rusty said, rolling his eyes.


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