This scene was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (incognito).  It’s going to be part of the next section of Keenan’s story, “101 Insane Situations.”  Phillip Long-blade is my sister’s intellectual property and appears here with her permission.


It was the last thing that anyone would have expected from him.  After all, most people either thought that he was either loyal to Elayne and Tristan or too cowardly to stand against them.  The plain brown cloak and tall peaked hat were so unlike what he normally wore that not even Sera would have recognized him.

Keeping his head down, Keenan moved down the street towards the little inn where he was supposed to meet Phillip.  He didn’t need to look up to know the way, after all.  He paused when Rusty and Jakob walked past.  Neither of them bothered to spare him more than a glance.

He smirked and looked up at them from under the wide brim of his hat.  Shaking his head, he hurried on his way.  The Tilting Tankard was a wildly popular tavern.  That it was so crowded made it all the easier to hide from prying eyes.  In the tavern, he was just one more wizard.

Phillip, being who he was, of course, didn’t know how to blend in.  He wore vibrant shades of blue.  The cloak matched his eyes.  There was no doubt that he’d be easily spotted.  At the same time, he was so visible that it made Keenan vanish even further into the background.

Keenan stepped over to the chair just behind Phillip and sat down, facing away from him.  “Hey, there,” he said, his voice soft.

“Good Lord, Keenan,” Phillip murmured.  “I almost didn’t spot you.  Wherever did you find such a cloak?”

Keenan shrugged, but didn’t offer any further answer.  Phillip didn’t need to know that the cloak had been a gift from Malloran.  It would just lead to uncomfortable questions.  “So,” he said, getting right to the point, “I’ve got an assignment from Tristan.  He wants me to craft an invisibility potion for him.”

“Can you?” Phillip asked, meeting his gaze.  When Keenan merely raised his brows, Phillip scowled.  “Right,” he said, “silly question.  What’s he want with it?”

“There’s a certain woman… Lady Carissa?” Keenan said, frowning.  Phillip grunted.  He knew the woman in question.  “Tristan’s determined to make her his own.  He means to use the potion to catch her unawares.”

“Carissa is more than capable of taking care of herself,” Phillip said.  He nodded firmly.  “I’ll warn her of the danger.  Make the potion he’s requested and try to let either Shadow or me know when he means to use it.”

“Will do,” Keenan said.  He moved to his feet and headed out of the tavern.  It was only as he headed back the way he’d come that he realized he’d never gotten a drink.  He shook his head and sighed.  Then, he ducked into an alleyway.  Drawing out his normal weathering cloak, he settled it in place.  He collapsed the battered hat and tucked it away.  Finally, he shook out his locks and stepped out into the open.  Without looking to the left or the right, he headed for the nearest apothecary.  If Rusty or Jakob spotted him now, that was fine.  After all, he had every right to visit the town, particularly if he was in need of herbs for his potions.


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