An Underwater Garden

This strange little scene was inspired by a strange little picture that was the picture prompt on the WriYe DreamWidth.


6a1aec0acaa988e8127a91f03fae6e53“Imagine his surprise as he swam up to the bench,” Liesel said, as she told about the story she’d been writing.

“Wait,” Konrad said. When Liesel looked at him intently, he frowned. “What? Why would there be a bench under the water?”

Liesel blinked at her elder brother and then looked at Markus. “It’s an underwater garden,” she said, as she looked back at Konrad. “There are always benches in gardens. Where else would you sit to enjoy the beautiful garden?”

“Right,” Konrad said, his brows drawing down low over his eyes. As Liesel continued her story, he whispered, “I’m almost certain that’s not what they mean by an underwater garden.”

“It does present in interesting image, though,” Markus said, grinning. He looked over at Liesel. “Are there underwater trellises for the coral to grow over?”

“Of course,” she said, grinning. “It’s the best way to grow coral, after all.”


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