The Difference?

Another little scene from Keenan’s story inspired by a phrase prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (vanity and pride).  James is Elayne’s little brother…


Keenan looked up the street at the sound of some kind of commotion.  Then, he noticed James and Rusty hurrying towards him.  He grimaced when he saw what was following them: a horde of writhing, grasping vines.

Thrusting out both hands, Keenan said, “Bartholomew, shield!”  The vines bounced harmlessly off the shield, pooling on other side of the street like rain in puddles.  They lay there, momentarily stunned.

Keenan looked at James and Rusty, arching his brow.  “Fancy meeting you here,” he said.  They both gave him rather sheepish grins.

“I expect you’re rather proud of yourself,” a new voice said.  Keenan glanced over one shoulder to see that the owner of the plants had arrived on the scene and was scowling darkly at him.  Alaric smirked.  “Pride’s a sin, Keenan.”

Keenan spun to face the man and mirrored his expression perfectly.  “Actually vanity is the sin.  The two words are really similar, but there’s a tiny difference.  Tiny, but important.”  Then, he turned away again and strode away.  Without glancing back, he said, “You two coming?”

Rusty immediately fell into step behind him.  James followed a moment later, looking rather flushed.  “We’re just… going to walk away?” he breathed.

Rolling his eyes, Keenan spun back to the pair and said, “Only until we’re out of sight.”  Then, he caught their hands in his and said, “Join hands.”  Once they’d done so, he said, “Bartholomew, home!  Now!”


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