Truth and Consequences

This little scene for Keenan’s story was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.

It was nice to be out in the field with Sera once again.  The last few months, since she and Amy had moved to the school, meant that they spent far less time with each other than they once had.  Keenan looked around at the thick foliage and wondered if they’d find the herbs they were searching for in such a darkened forest.

“Keenan,” Sera called.  He looked up to see her holding a bundle of leaves.  She smiled at him.  “Are these what we’re looking for?”

He stepped over to her and nodded.  “That’s them,” he confirmed.  He glanced around and spotted more of the plants growing in a gully.  This may just be easier than he’d expected.

No sooner had the thought crossed his mind but he sensed magic being used in the area.  “Get down,” he said, pushing Sera into the gully.

Before he could join her, a vine shot out of the brush to grab him around the waist.  He bit his lip to keep from screaming as he was lifted into the air.

“Keenan Meadows,” a low voice said.  “What a… pleasant surprise.”

Keenan looked towards the voice and noticed a tall, muscular man in dark robes standing not far away.  He was pale, with piercing dark eyes.  His ears had the delicate shape that was common among elves.  “Lord Xanthos,” Keenan breathed.  “I hadn’t realized… Is this your forest, then?”

Xanthos hummed and glanced around.  “No,” he admitted.  Waving vaguely towards trees over a rise, he said, “My forest lies in that direction, but… when I sensed you nearby, I had to come and find you.”  He frowned then, locking his gaze on Keenan.  “There’s the little matter of a phial you stole.”4182d112425a770be7d7cfb753319d82

“Right,” Keenan breathed.  That was almost a year ago, but elves had notoriously long memories and the reputation of being rather slow to forgive.  He shot a glance at Sera, silently telling her to stay out of sight for the moment.  He had no doubt that she’d rescue him, but trying to do so in front of Xanthos would have been folly.

Lord Xanthos spun away and headed back towards his own forest, with the vine carrying Keenan close behind him.  As they journeyed up the rise, Keenan saw an old castle on a hill.  It wasn’t the sort of place he’d expect to find Lord Xanthos calling home.  However, that made him wonder: Just who did call the castle home?


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