Lessons Learned

This is a little scene that was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  Keenan’s rather frustrated with his boss by the end of this…


845d2a06d446ae7ec43e71f5e66097c9Keenan stood in the little sitting room outside of Lady Carissa’s sleeping chamber and watched as she swept around the room, gathering paper and pen and ink.  It was a sunny little room decorated with flowers.

The wallpaper had daisy designs.  Art prints of other flowers hung on one wall.  Apothecary bottles holding live blooms lined the shelves.  It gave him the impression of a garden, brought inside to enjoy all year round.

“Tristan is such a silly fool,” she said, as she sat down at the writing desk near the window.  “I can’t believe he actually sent you to kidnap me.”

Keenan frowned at her words.  “My lady?”

She sighed and looked up at Keenan, meeting his gaze.  “We’re married, Master Keenan,” she said, her voice soft.  “We married in secret, because he knew that my father wouldn’t approve.  At the same time, I sincerely doubted that his parents would approve of me as his bride.”

I blinked at her, as the entire puzzle fell into place.  “It was all… just subterfuge?” I said, my voice soft.  “He didn’t really want to kidnap you as a member of the High Council at all.  He just… wanted to spend some time with his wife?”

Nodding, she handed me the page that she had been writing on.  “I’ll trust you to deliver that to Tristan, Master Keenan,” she said.  A smirk touched her lips.  “The others who came with you are already back at the Dark Castle.”

“I’ll see that he receives your note, my lady,” Keenan said, bowing.  He was suddenly very glad that he hadn’t mentioned where his true allegiances were.  He doubted that Lady Carissa would intentionally give away his status, but there was always the chance that she’d let the truth slip by accident.  A secret between two is God’s secret, a secret between three is known to all, as they say.


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