Resisting the Temptation…

This little scene between Markus and Johannes was brought to you by a phrase prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (the tempting moment)…


Markus watched as Johannes carefully stacked the cards.  His brother worked slowly and methodically, holding the two cards together with one hand, while he started the next level of the tower.  Finally, he was finished.  All fifty-two cards had been carefully stacked to make the fragile tower.

Johannes grinned and looked through the tower at Markus.  “I’m going to get the camera,” he said.  Then, he slipped away from the table.  He moved as carefully leaving as he had while building the tower.  Any false movement or stray breeze would bring the whole thing down.

Alone in the kitchen, Markus bit his lip.  He wanted to knock the tower down.  At the same time, he knew what would happen if he did that.  It was tempting to just shake the table a little or blow on the bottom cards.  It would be so easy and so rewarding, but Johannes had worked so hard to build it.  Markus knew he should let his younger brother take the photograph before he knocked the thing down.

Johannes returned at that moment and smiled at Markus.  “Thanks,” he said, meeting his elder brother’s eyes.  He held up the camera and snapped the picture.  Then, he gave Markus an impish grin.  “Go ahead, Mark,” he said, nodding.

Laughing, Markus blew on the bottom of the stack.  As the tower of cards tumbled apart, he heard the camera click.  As Johannes began gathering the scattered cards, Markus smiled.  “Thanks,” he said.


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