Temper, Temper…

Not sure what happened here… I came back to it and found that this space was blank.  This story was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


“Liesel!”  The cry of anger was followed by stomping and the slamming of a door.

Konrad winced and looked over at Henry.  A moment later, Liesel stalked into the room and flopped down on the couch.  She sat there, her arms crossed over her chest and glaring at the television, which wasn’t even turned on.

“What happened?” Henry asked.  His tone said that he really didn’t want to know.  However, it was a father’s job to ask this sort of question.

Liesel heaved a sigh and rolled her eyes.  “Johannes was building a house of cards,” she said, shrugging.  When Konrad groaned, she sat upright.  “He can’t honestly expect us to not knock it down, Konrad,” she said.

“He doesn’t care if you knock it over after he’s finished it, Liese,” Konrad said, rolling his eyes.  “It’s not nice to destroy his hard work and you know that.”

Henry called for Johannes and then waited.  A moment later, he stalked into the room and looked at Henry.  “You shouldn’t yell and slam doors just because your sister knocks over a tower, Hansel,” he said.  “She was wrong to do that, but two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“Liesel flipped the card table,” he said, pointing at her.  “She didn’t just knock the cards down.  She snuck up behind me, laughed and flipped the entire card table.”

Henry’s lips twitched, as he fought the urge to laugh.  Then, he sighed and looked over at Liesel.  “You know that wasn’t nice,” he said.

Liesel released a deep sigh and nodded.  “It was funny, though,” she said, shrugging.

Johannes stomped and repeated, “It wasn’t,” several times while Liesel chuckled.  Then, he burst into tears and threw himself at Konrad.

Heaving a sigh, Konrad caught his brother and held him until the tantrum had passed.  “It’s not funny to get him spinning, Liese,” he said, his voice soft.

“Not even a little,” Henry added.  “You wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you.  Would you?”

“No,” Liesel admitted.  Then, she looked at Johannes and stood.  “Do you want me to help you build it again?”

Rubbing his tears away, Johannes shook his head.  “I want you to stay away while I rebuild it myself,” he said.  Then, he stalked out of the room once again.  Liesel heaved a sigh and headed up the steps to her own room.

When they were alone again, Konrad smiled at Henry.  “You handled that fairly well,” he said.  Then, he chuckled and shook his head.  “We should not laugh at his temper tantrums.”

“They’re so rare, though,” Henry said, chuckling.

“I can hear you, you know?” Johannes called from the kitchen.  There was actual anger in his tone and Konrad grimaced.  Before he could apologize, Johannes added, “Laugh all you want, just don’t knock over my tower.”


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