Swirling Colors

Another of the DreamWidth picture Prompts from the WriYe page inspired this little scene.


fba76e0923d09c168a62fb0d9ea7ca14Liesel frowned at the television as they talked about the swirling clouds that were so far away from where she lived.  She’d heard about them all her life.  Somehow, she imagined that they were peaceful, beautiful things.  They called nebulae the birthplace of stars or star nurseries.  Weren’t nurseries supposed to be quiet?

Then again, how often were nurseries actually quiet places?  Normally, they were filled with activity.  Infants needed to be fed and burped and changed.  They needed to be put down for naps.  They needed some time to play.

Hospitals where babies were being born were just as active.  There were nurses and doctors rushed all over the place.  Women would be screaming in pain as they suffered through labor.  If anything, such places were louder and more active than nurseries were.

When Liesel thought about it that way, it made sense that the nebulae where stars were born and raised into solar systems would be loud and active.  They were beautiful light shows, that was certain.  However, they could never be quiet and peaceful.  After all, a star was a much larger thing than a human baby.  The pains of such a labor would be that much worse.


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