This little vignette was inspired by a prompt from Tomi Adeyemi’s site.


In any other mission, she would have been grateful for the natural cover, but tonight it made her uneasy.  If she could hide, so could her enemies.  She kept low to the ground and moved as silently as possible, alert to any hint that someone else was out there.

Finally, she spotted her goal.  It was at the center of a clearing and there was just a single guard watching for any sign of trouble.  A faint smile touched her lips, but now was not the time to get careless.  This situation was the perfect set-up for an ambush.

She hesitated, scanning the brush around the clearing for any sign of her enemies.  After a moment, she slipped out of the brush.  She kept low to the ground and moved slowly.  She was dressed in black and, on a night as dark as this, she would be harder to spot.

Finally, the lone guard was within reach and he still hadn’t noticed her.  She sprang up and shoved him with one hand, grabbing the bright red flag with the other.  Now was not the time to take prisoners.  Without looking back, she ran from the clearing.

The guard was slow in standing up, but then he was running after her and calling for help from his companions.  However, it was too late and they both knew it.  She skidded to a stop as she crossed into her own team’s territory.  “We won,” she called, her voice ringing through the forest.

“Good job, Liesel,” a low voice said.  In a louder voice, Teva added, “The girls won that round, Johannes.  Getting angry about it won’t change the facts.”

Johannes heaved a sigh and then stamped his foot on the trails.  “Sister pushed me down,” he said, his voice catching.  “That’s not fair.”

Teva struggled not to laugh and patted him on the shoulder.  “Are you hurt?” he asked.  When Johannes shook his head, he shrugged.  “No harm, no foul.”

“Yes, Teva,” Johannes said.  Then, he looked over at Liesel and shook his head.  “You play too rough, Liesel.”

“I kind of got into it,” Liesel admitted.  Shrugging, she said, “I didn’t mean to push you so hard, Hansel.  I’m sorry.”

“All right,” Johannes said, rolling his eyes a bit.  “I guess I forgive you.”  Then, he looked over at Teva.  “What are we playing next?”

“Hide and seek?” he suggested.  No one had any problem with that, so long as the winners of the previous game were it for that one.


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