Always clean your cauldron…

An excerpt from my July Camp NaNo story…


I read through to the end of the chapter and then then I read the chapter a second time.  I also took notes.  It was something that Master Teagan had always taught me to do.  Reading the chapter once for the content and a second time to make sure I understood everything correctly.  Then, I turned the page and found the potion that I was supposed to make.

“Grissom’s Soothing Solution,” I read out loud.  It was a potion that wwas meant to make you sleep, but it could also be used to heal minor burns and bruises.  I grabbed the cauldron that the book told me to use.  It was a wet potion, so the first ingredient was water.

I added it to the cauldron and turned on the flame.  As the water began to simmer, I glanced at the instructions.  “Fisswyrms,” I said, frowning.  I looked around until I found a bottle that had that on the label and opened it.  The fisswyrms were slimy green things that didn’t look the least bit soothing.  However, I dutifully added them to the boiling water.

“Ew,” I said, as the slime from the worms spread into the water.  I glanced at the book and then grabbed a jar labeled “Wakanut powder.”  I measured out a teaspoon and dumped it into the bubbling brew.  I blinked in surprise when the potion turned a bright, angry red.  A moment later, a hand reached up out of the cauldron.

I screamed and slammed the lid down on it.  Squeezing my eyes closed as I held the lid down, I reached out with my magic.  I could feel the spell that was at the heart of the potion. I pulled on several threads and then the thing in the cauldron seemed to vanish.  Trembling, I eased the lid off the cauldron.  Inside, there was boiling water with slimy green worms and powdered wakanut floating in it.

Heaving a sigh, I tried to figure out what I had done wrong.  That was definitely not supposed to happen, after all.


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