Visions of Ophelia

He frowned at the young woman floating face-up in the water.  Evidence said that she had drowned.  In spite of her cause of death, she still looked young and lovely.  Perhaps that was because they’d come onto the scene so quickly.

Shaking his head, he turned to his companion.  “What do we know about her?” he asked.

Mack frowned.  “Her roommate reported her as missing,” he said, looking at his field notebook.  “She was late returning from work.  Co-workers said that she seemed upset when she left.”  He grimaced and added, “A local kid found the body.”

Sighing, Bernie said, “She’s like Ophelia.”  When they all turned to frown at him, he shrugged.  “Like in that play by Shakespeare?  You know, she went a little crazy and ended up falling in a river and drowning.”

Nodding, he looked back at the body.  Then, he turned to the medical examiner.  “We’ve got what we need,” he said.  “You can get her out of there any time you want.”  As she nodded, he turned away.  The question was: had she suffered a tragic accident, killed herself or been murdered.  That was, in fact, what they were there to figure out.

“What’s first?” Bruno asked, his voice soft.

Nodding, he looked around at his team.  “We’ll talk to the roommate,” he said.  He pointed at Mack and Bernie.  “You two, interview the co-workers.”  He turned to the last two members of his team.  “Stay with the body and get whatever evidence the ME finds.”


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