The Plot Thickens

They arrived at the apartment that the dead girl shared.  Her roommate was the one who had reported her missing.  Sometimes, that meant they were the responsible party.  After all, what better way to sway suspicion away from yourself than to be the one to call the authorities?  At the same time, Bugsy doubted that was the case here.  The girl’s roommate was a warden.

He nodded when she opened the door for them.  “Miss Carlisle?” he said, arching his brows.

“Warden Carlisle,” she said, nodding.  As she stepped back to let them into the apartment, her brows furrowed.  “Whatever you’re going to tell me can’t be good.  Agents don’t get involved in simple disappearances.”

“Not typically,” Malcolm admitted.  He sighed.  “Warden Carlisle, I’m Malcolm Smith.  This is Jared Smith.”

Jared nodded.  “Your roommate, Harmony Blair, was found in a local park… in the river.  She appears to have drowned.”

Carlisle cursed softly and then sat down.  She cursed again and looked at them.  “I – I should get you some tea,” she said.

“I’ll do it,” Malcolm said, patting her hand.  “You’ve had a shock.  Just take a moment.”

As he headed off to the kitchen, Jared sat down opposite Carlisle.  “Did Miss Blair have any enemies?” he asked.

She bit off a laugh that held no humor.  “She didn’t, but her father definitely does,” she said.  “He’s Jacob Blair.”

Jared grimaced.  Boss Blair’s daughter had just died – quite probably been murdered.  Someone was going to be in serious trouble when the old man found out.  Someone was liable to get fitted for a pair of cement overshoes and make their bed in the bay when he caught up to them.


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