The Greatest Fear

Gearing up for NaNoWriMo, I’m using a list of fear related challenges with my characters to the upcoming month.  The first was: write about what your character is most afraid of.


Kit startled awake and then he lay in his bunk, struggling to figure out what had woken him.  After a moment, he slipped out of bed and padded to the adjoining room, where Isaac slept.  He froze when he saw that his son’s bed was empty.

“Sarah,” he said, his voice strained.  “Locate Isaac?”

“Isaac is in the corridor outside the room,” the ship replied.  She sounded far calmer about that than the person she was named for would have been.

Releasing a deep breath, Kit padded to the door of his quarters and then heaved a sigh of relief when the doors slid open and he saw Isaac.  He was sitting on the floor with one of his stuffed animals.

“Daddy,” he said, holding up the toy for Kit to see.

As Kit stepped over to Isaac, he noticed that the ship’s avatar was standing a few feet down the corridor.  “Thank you, Sarah,” he said, nodding.  After she had dematerialized, he looked back at Isaac.  “You scared the life out of me, buddy,” he said, ruffling the child’s hair.  Every parent’s greatest fear was probably losing their child.  He’d lived it once.  He never wanted to go through it again.


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