The Monster under my Bed

Another fear-related prompt using my characters for next month’s NaNo.  This time, the prompt was, “Write about the monster under the character’s bed.”


Alexander woke up just in time to see something – like a shadow – slip under his bed.  He blinked, trying to decide if he’d imagined the thing he’d seen or not.  He blinked again when he heard something moving under the bed.

Rolling over, he nudged Robin.  When his partner moaned softly, Alexander whimpered.  That brought Robin completely awake.  “What’s wrong, Al?” he said, touching the other man on the cheek.

“There’s something under the bed,” Alexander breathed.

Robin frowned.  “Sarah,” he said, his voice soft, “illuminate the cabin, please?”  In an instant, the lights in the room turned on.  Robin slipped off the bed and beckoned to Alexander.  He nodded encouragement when Alexander hesitated.

After taking a deep breath, Alexander hopped off the bed and ducked behind Robin.  He frowned when he heard the sound of something moving under the bed again.  He shot his partner a look and Robin nodded.  Waving Alexander towards the next room, Robin crouched on the floor.

He could see a pair of huge eyes peering at him from the dark corner at the head of the bed, by the wall.  He frowned and then left the room, sealing the door behind him.  Alexander was sitting on the couch in the main room, scowling at him.  “No idea what it is,” Robin admitted.  He shrugged and then touched the internal communicator.  “Security, there’s something with huge glowing eyes under our bed,” he said.

Ken’s response was anything but comforting.  “We’ve had a few reports of that,” he said.  “We’ll have someone down right away.  Stay… out of there for now.”

“Right,” Robin said.  As the comm went dead, he looked at Alexander.  “So… breakfast?”

“Down in the commissary, yes,” Alexander said, hurrying for the door.  Whatever it was under the bed, he didn’t want to be there when the security officer arrived to take care of it.


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