To the Teeth

Another fear-related prompt (write about teeth) for my NaNo 2016 characters.  I babysat for a little girl who did what Isaac does in this story…


Kit grimaced as he sat at the table with Isaac.  “Stop, please,” he said, glancing at the little boy.  His son giggled and then the terrible screeching sound came again.  He winced and shook his head.  If he told his son not to grind his teeth, then the situation only became worse.  It became a game.  He had to ignore the sound.  That, however, was easier said than it was done.

There was, of course, another solution to the problem.  He pushed the bowl of apple sauce and the spoon over to where Isaac could reach it.  “Apple sauce?” he offered.  Finally, the screeching sound ceased.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Kit went back to eating his own dinner.  At least until the meal was over and he could give Isaac a different game to play – one that didn’t involve teeth grinding – he just had to keep the food coming.


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