In the Basement?

Another fear-prompt story.  This one is sort of related to the monster under the bed – write about what hides in the basement.  Since spaceships don’t really have basements, this is the cargo hold.


“I always wonder what might be hiding in places like this,” Schuyler said, his voice faint.  He looked up at Ken and shrugged.  “It’s dark and full of things that no one ever moves.  Anything could be down here: spiders, mice, round furry aliens…”

“Round furry aliens?” Ken repeated.

Schuyler shrugged.  He tensed and pointed.  “What is that?” he asked.

Ken turned to look where Schuyler was pointing.  He could see a pair of huge glowing eyes.  “Not again,” he breathed.  He drew his lightning gun and set it on low.  He nodded when Schuyler followed his example.

“What is it?” Schuyler repeated, his voice strained.

“Fast,” Ken said, as the thing darted to the left.  He fired twice, missing both times.  When the thing ducked under a grouping of crates, he waved at Schuyler to move towards the door.  Then, he wasted no time in guiding the other security man out of the cargo hold.

Schuyler gave a weak laugh as Ken sealed the door.  “Monster in our basement?” he asked, tilting his head slightly.

“Spaceships don’t have basements,” Ken said, as he put a sign on the door saying not to open it.  He glanced at Schuyler and sighed.  “We’ll need some backup when we come back.”  Whatever is was, apparently, they couldn’t take care of it on their own.