An excerpt from my current NaNo…


Julian stepped out of his little house in the cliff and blinked at the clear blue sky.  Behind him, Marissa giggled and scampered outside.  It was the first clear day in a week.  She hurried over to where a few other children were and they began to play a form of tag.  However, there were other things on Julian’s mind.  He knew that this was the day he’d seen in his vision.

He hurried down the steps to the building where the equipment was.  “Master Westerburg,” he called, as he entered.  He stopped when he noticed that she wasn’t there.  He frowned and looked between Brent and Roberts.  They were the only ones there and Roberts was convinced he’d had something to do with the crash.  Brent simply thought he was insane.  He wasn’t sure which was worse.  “Um… where is Master Westerburg?” he asked, as he looked between the two men.

“Westerburg went with Bailey,” Roberts growled.  “They’re looking for something they can use to extend the life of these batteries.”  He crossed his arms over his chest.  “What do you want, Southmaid?”

He took a steadying breath and closed his eyes.  “I – I had a dream the other night about a ship,” he said, clenching his hands together.  He forced himself to meet Roberts’s gaze.  “It’s out there and – and the stone here will make it impossible for the scanners to find us.  We need to call them!”

Brent growled and stalked over to him.  He shoved Julian hard enough to knock him into the wall of the little building.  “If you think we’re going to let you anywhere near that communications equipment, you’re as crazy as I’ve been saying for the last two years.”

Julian felt his cheeks warm as Brent turned to stalk back to where Roberts was.  He was tempted – sorely tempted – to back down.  He’d done that numerous times over the last two years and, each time, something horrible had happened.  The first time had been when Alyssum was killed.  As he thought of his late wife, he also remembered his daughter.

Marissa was depending on him to see this through.  If he backed down this time, everyone would die.  This might be their only chance for a rescue.  She needed him to act.  He didn’t want his little girl to die on this godforsaken world.

Squeezing his eyes shut, Julian surged forward.  He pushed between the two men and grabbed the communicator blindly.  Trusting his instincts, he flipped it on and turned it to a frequency he prayed would work.  “Lady Sarah,” he said, his voice cracking.  “Please come in.  This is Julian Southmaid, a passenger from the Cruiser Alistair, requesting assistance.”

“You fool,” Roberts growled, grabbing him.  He pulled Julian away from the table and threw him against the wall of the building.

“You and your dreams,” Brent snapped.  He stepped up to Julian’s other side and added, “You don’t even know that there’s anyone out there!”

As Julian winced, bracing for one or both of them to start hitting him, the comm crackled to life.  “Master Julian, this is Alexander Pemberton, on the Lady Sarah.  We have your location.  Help is on…” the voice trailed off as the battery finally died.

Julian lifted his head and released a shaky breath.  Meeting Brent’s gaze steadily, he said, “What were you about to say about my dreams?”  Without waiting for a response, he spun away from the pair and headed out into the sunshine.

He looked across the clearing at Angie Hogencamp, who was watching over the children.  “Which way did Master Westerburg and Master Bailey head?” he asked, his voice pitched just loud enough to carry to her.  “There’s been a development that they need to know about.”

Even as she pointed the way for him, Angie said, “What’s happened?”

Julian smiled.  “Help is on the way,” he said, shrugging.  He heaved a sigh and looked up at the clear blue sky.  “After two years on this rock, we’re about to be rescued.”