Magi-tech in action…

I had so much fun writing this scene!  Lori’s a fun character.


Cameron was unaccountably nervous as he headed to the transporter room.  It was just as he was stepping into the room that he realized the source of his anxiety.  “I’ve never been teleported off a ship before,” he said, looking sharply at Nicholas.

Nicholas frowned at him and then nodded.  “I’ll be right there beside you,” he said, patting his arm.  “They do this all the time.  It’s a very straightforward spell and there are rarely any accidents associated with it.”

Amity and Carlisle arrived just behind them.  Smiling brightly, Amity said, “Lori’s an old pro at this.”  She grinned at the sunny-natured redhead and arched a brow.  “Are we ready to go, Master Coons?”

She grinned.  “We’re just waiting for the last member of the away team.”  When Joel Rylan stepped into the room, she waved.  “There were go!  Now, we’re all set.”

Joel frowned and then moved over to the platform that Lori began waving at.  “You… do know what you’re doing, right?” he asked.

“Chickie, I’ve done this about a thousand times,” she said, shaking her head.  She looked at the little group and added, “All right, here’s how this is going to work.  You all stand in the spell circle that’s etched onto the platform.  I will recite the incantation and then touch the edge of the circle.  Poof!  You appear on the surface.”

“How do we get back?” Cameron asked, his voice cracking.

Amity smiled.  “I’ll transport us back when we’re ready,” she said, patting the man on the shoulder.  “That’s why there’s always a mage on the away team when we use the transporter.”

“I’d feel better if we could use a shuttle,” Joel murmured.  However, he stood at the center of the spell circle without any further argument.  When the others had joined him, he met Lori’s gaze steadily.  “Are you ready?”

Lori grinned and then nodded.  “I was born ready,” she said.  Then, she drew out her wand and began speaking a long incantation in a language that none of them – presumably, with the exception of Amity – understood.  When she finished, she leaned down to touch the edge of the circle with her wand.

Cameron felt a strange squeezing sensation, as if he were being forced down a long narrow tube.  Then, when his head cleared, he found that he was standing in the sunlit square of a ruined city.