How far we’ve come…

This was, I thought, the end of my NaNo.  Then, I kept going.


Kit wasn’t especially surprised to learn that Lizette had lost her seat as mayor soon after her return.  After all, she’d basically betrayed the Confederation, even if she had done it to protect her people from another tribute.

He headed down to the medical bay and smiled when he nearly ran into Julian, who was just coming out.  He ended up catching the other man before he fell.  “Everything all right, Master Southmaid?” he asked, as he released his hold.

Grimacing, Julian nodded.  “We’ve got to stop meeting like this, Captain,” he said.  “People will get the wrong idea.”  He shrugged and added, “I was just checking in on Emma.”

Kit smiled faintly.  “How are things between the two of you?” he asked, arching his brows.

Shaking his head, Julian said, “Moving slowly, but… that’s about right for me at this point.”  His brows furrowed.  “Will Master Willows be punished for her duplicity, Captain?  I mean… Dr. Noel died and Alexander was badly injured because of what she did.”

“I expect so,” Kit said, nodding.  He shrugged and added, “As far as the Confederation is concerned, it’s an internal matter – one for the colony to deal with.”  He still hadn’t decided what he would say to Noel’s parents.  It wasn’t the first time he’d lost a member of the crew, but it was the first time one had died on this voyage.  He hoped that wasn’t a sign of what was to come.

Julian touched his arm and gave him a weak smile as their eyes met.  “It’ll be fine, Captain,” he said.  “Whatever happens, this crew will rise to the challenge.  There’s really no such thing as luck, after all.”

“We make our own luck?” Kit said, smirking.

Shrugging, Julian said, “Something like that.”  Then, he nodded and stepped away from Kit.  As he headed down the corridor, he began whistling.  It was a tune that Kit had heard often.

“Let’s see how far we’ve come,” he murmured, as he headed into the medical bay to check on his people.  They had come pretty far, but he knew they could go further still.  After all, there was still the Delta Sector to explore.


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