Back Into the Routine – Frieda, Liesel

And… the story continues.  Sorry for the delay.  I needed a certain character’s surname.  Emmy is my sister’s character and is used here with permission.


Frieda knew that she had a reputation as the quieter twin. Part of the reason for her reputation was because Liesel was so loud. It meant that, by comparison, she was quiet. However, she wasn’t actually all that quiet. She certainly wasn’t shy – at least not when it came to meeting new people. In fact, when it came to meeting new people, she was more comfortable than Liesel was.

By the time that her sister had returned to the lunch table with the carrots, Frieda had already gotten the names of the other girls that were seated around them. “Liesel,” she said, grinning. She waved at the girl across from them and said, “This is Emerson Messer, but everyone calls her Emmy.”

“Hi,” Emmy said, grinning brightly at Liesel.

Liesel waved and then looked at Frieda as she took her seat. Her gaze was expectant. She was waiting to know the names of the other girls.

“Next to you is Clara Goldblum,” Frieda said, her voice soft. She was a pretty blond girl with wide blue eyes. Waving at the girl beside Emerson, she added, “This is Ashlyn Montoya.” Ashlyn had dark brown eyes and rich brown hair. Her flesh was a warm brown, as if she were deeply tanned.

“Hello, Ashlyn,” Liesel said, her voice softer than normal. She turned to Clara and said, “Hello, Clara.” Her brows furrowed and she said, “Brother’s teacher is named Mr. Goldblum.”

“He’s my uncle,” Clara said, nodding. She grinned and then shrugged. “He’s really nice as an uncle, but my big brother said that he’s a really strict teacher.”

“You have a big brother?” Frieda said, her eyes wide. “We have two older brothers. Markus is just eleven and Konrad is already seventeen.”

“Your parents waited for six years before they had more kids?” Ashlyn said, frowning.

Liesel frowned and shook her head. “We had an older sister that was a couple years younger than Konrad,” she said, her voice soft. “Her name was Vaiva, but she died when she was only two years old.”

“Muti had pictures of her, so we could see her and not forget about her,” Frieda said, nodding. She frowned and added, “She had pretty blond curls and hazel eyes. Vati said she was a very sick little girl, so the Great Father took her to be with him. That way, she could run and play, like other little girls.”

“Vaiva’s a really pretty name,” Emmy said, frowning.

Nodding, Liesel said, “It means rainbow. It’s a Leituvan name, because Muti was from Leituva.”

Frieda turned to Clara and said, “Do you have any other brothers or sisters?”

Clara nodded. “I have two little brothers and a baby sister,” she said, grinning. “Friedrich and Erik are five and they’re in kindergarten, so they’ll be the same class as your little brother! My baby sister is named Miriam. She’s only two years old, so she’s not in school yet.”

Ashlyn smiled and said, “I’ve got six older brothers and sisters and one little brother.” She giggled and shook her head. “There are eight of us. My Aunt Dora told Papa that he could stop any time he wanted.”

Emmy shook her head. “I’ve got two brothers,” she said, “but no sisters.” Her brows furrowed and she added, “I wonder if I could convince my parents to have a sister for me.”

“I’m sure it doesn’t work that way,” Ashlyn said, shaking her head. She shrugged when Emmy looked disappointed. “You could ask, though. Maybe they’d like to have more kids, but weren’t sure if you would want another younger sister or brother.”

Just then, the lunchroom monitor waved at them to signal that it was time to go outside to play for a while. Frieda closed up her lunchbox. She’d finished everything, except for her grapes. She would eat them on the bus, while she rode home.

Outside, they were given the choice between playing on the equipment or taking some of the toys out to play with. The swings were already busy and there were lines of kids waiting for a turn. Some kids were running around, playing tag or kickball. Frieda wasn’t interested in playing either game.

She looked over at her sister and their classmates. “Maybe we could jump rope?” she suggested, frowning.

“Yes,” Clara said, her eyes wide. She ran over to the toy bin and drew out the longest jump rope that she could find. Then, she held out the other end. “Who wants to swing with me?”

“I’ll do it,” Liesel said, grinning.

Frieda frowned slightly and shook her head. “Don’t swing fast right away,” she said. When Liesel nodded, she and Emmy stepped between the other girls and then began skipping the rope while they swung it. When Frieda got tired of jumping, she switched with Clara. Then, Emmy switched with Liesel.

Frieda and Liesel were jumping together when the playground monitor called the second graders back towards the doors. It was time to go back to class for the afternoon. After she put the jump rope away, Frieda saw Johannes coming out with his class. “Have fun playing, Hansel,” she called, waving to him.

“I will,” Johannes called back, waving back. Then, he grinned and waved at Liesel, just as they both headed back inside the school.

Frieda grinned at Clara and said, “That’s our little brother.”

“He’s so adorable,” Clara said, grinning. “His bear is almost as big as he is!”

“He has it because he’s afraid to be alone,” Liesel said, nodding. She frowned slightly and looked at Frieda. “You are too, but you have me. You don’t need a big teddy bear.”

Frieda smiled and hugged her sister. “Thanks, Liesel,” she said, her voice soft. Then, they were heading back into their classroom. It was time for art class to begin.


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