Fun Sock Friday

I can’t even remember now exactly when it started. However, I do know how it started. I was watching an episode of Bones and someone mentioned to Booth that he wears socks that are neither plain white nor plain blue/black because it’s his little way of rebelling against the regulated, regimented life he leads as an FBI agents.

It gave me this idea… I wore plain socks and dressed professionally for work. Friday was the unofficial start of the weekend. So, each Friday, I began wearing “fun socks”. I’d wear seasonal socks or just crazy socks that made me smile. Then, every time I thought of my socks, I remembered that it was nearly the weekend and I would smile.

So… now years later, I still wear fun socks each Friday. I’ve also gotten my sister and my best friend started doing it. The socks that I wore today were a Christmas gift from my older brother. They have little black cats on them – I have a little black cat that I live with named Samwise.


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