Too Late

A story focusing on another family… This was inspired by a prompt from Tomi Adeyemi’s writing prompts.


Bertram panted as he hurried towards where he knew Maria was.  He could sense her – feel her distress.  More than that, he could hear her sword ringing as she clashed with the Singers.  However, the clearing had fallen quiet when he finally reached her side.  He stared at the bodies on the ground – at the girl covered in blood.

Her eyes narrowed as she stood up.  “You’re late.”

He gave a shaky laugh.  “Did you take your glasses off before you… summoned your sword?” he asked.  It wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility that she simply hadn’t been wearing them.  After all, Maria wore contact lenses fairly often now.

“One of them knocked my glasses off my face,” she said.  She glanced around, clearly searching for them.

Bertram found them among the Singers that his sister had taken care of.  He wiped them off and handed them over to her.  She heaved a sigh as she settled the glasses in place.  “I suppose we should get Irene to purify them,” she said.

“She’s with Gilbert and Lukas and they’re on their way.  She should be here soon,” Bertram said, grimacing.  He summoned his lance as one of the corpses shifted.  Stabbing it, he added, “Hopefully before they all reanimate.”

“After all I went through to kill them,” Maria said.  She looked down at her clothes and grimaced.  “Thankfully, the blood goes away when Irene purifies them.  Mom would not be happy if I stained my school uniform.”

“To say the least,” Bertram said, almost smiling.  As Irene and their younger brothers arrived.  Bertram smiled.  “Clean up, aisle one,” he quipped.

Irene grimaced and then sang the purification song.  As the Singers vanished in showers of golden light, the blood also vanished from Maria’s clothing.  Then, Irene shook her head at Maria.  “It’s not nice to start the party without us, Maria,” she said, grinning.

“I tried to tell them,” Maria said, shrugging.  “They weren’t very good listeners.”


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