Another Man from UNCLE drabble.  This one was inspired by the episode, “The Ultimate Computer Affair.”  The title is the prompt word.


It had been a tough mission that had left Illya in a foul mood.  He was tired, sunburned, blistered and ravenously hungry.  Now, Miss Oliver was cross with Napoleon too.  Had she really believed she was the only one?  Perhaps.  Illya knew that Napoleon wasn’t any happier just then than he was.

Heaving a sigh, Illya glanced back at his partner.  “We’re going to need clothes and… a room for the night?”

“Lotion for your sunburns,” Napoleon murmured, nodding.  His brows furrowed.  “Do you remember the number for the expense account?”  At Illya’s nod, he smiled.  “It’s UNCLE’s treat, then.”


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