This drabble isn’t related to any episode.  It’s just the boys, enjoying a simple meal together.  Once again, the title is the prompt.


Napoleon added both salt and pepper to his food.  Illya scowled.  “You didn’t even taste it first,” he said.  He then shook his head.  “How did you know it needed anything without tasting it.”

“It’s commissary food, Illya,” Napoleon said, rolling his eyes.  “It’s bland.”  He started eating, shrugging when Illya tried the macaroni and cheese.

Chewing the first bite, Illya scowled.  Then, he grabbed the salt shaker.  He sprinkled some over his own food before setting it back down.  When he lifted his fork again, he spotted Napoleon’s grin.  “You were right,” he said, tartly.  “It’s bland.  Happy?”



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