Title is the prompt… I am picturing this as being early on in their partnership.  This was also pretty much the reaction I had the first time I had chocolate mousse – not pudding, mind you: mousse!


Napoleon’s brow twitched at the soft moan from his partner.  Hiding a smile, he leaned slightly closer.  “Is it that good, Illya?” he asked, his voice soft.

Flushing, Illya gave him a shy smile.  “It’s… not as sweet as I was expecting it to be,” he murmured.  “I just… the flavor is incredible, Napoleon!  What did you call this again?”

“It’s chocolate mousse,” Napoleon said, grinning brightly.  He straightened in his chair.  “It’s very rich, though.  You won’t need a large helping to be satisfied.”

Shaking his head briskly, Illya said, “No, indeed.”  He moaned again after the next bite.


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