Another drabble for The Man from UNCLE, this one was inspired by the third season episode, “The Super-Colossal Affair” and is set… probably just a bit after it.  There are brief mentions of other episodes.


Illya never knew what sort of crazy nickname Napoleon would come up with for him.  Sometimes, it was based on something Illya had said, like, when he’d come up with “Filthy” as an epithet.  Other times, it was situational, as it had been with “Pussycat”.

However, calling Illya his “little flower” was unexpected, even given that track record.  It wasn’t until after he’d finally been released that he learned where Napoleon had come up with the name.

The next day, Illya stepped into the office.  “In Bambi, the skunk… is Flower,” he said.  “That’s actually clever.”

Smirking, Napoleon just shrugged.


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