This is kind of like a missing scene from “The Dippy Blonde Affair” from the second season of The Man from UNCLE.


Illya stood in the pouring rain, frowning at Napoleon.  “Really?” he breathed.  Heaving a sigh, he shook his head as if to shake the water away.  He laughed to himself.  That wasn’t going to help!

He stalked over to the car and rapped on the window, startling the occupants.  Leaning down to peer in through the glass, he said, “Thanks for the rescue.”

Napoleon grimaced and slid away from the woman.  As Illya climbed inside, he said, “Hurt?”

“No,” Illya said.  “I’m fine.  Aren’t I always?”  He stifled a sneeze and then gave Napoleon a flat-eyed stare.  “Call it in?”

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