Arguing Semantics – Part 3

The final part of the story…


“Well done, boys,” Nate said once they were settled in her office. She touched the micro-transmitter that was on her desk. “We’ll get this down to the Section Eight folks in Washington. If it does what they suspect, they’ll be able to locate the base this cell is working out of.”

Andy heaved a sigh of relief as he smoothed his hand through Mariya’s fur. “It wasn’t easy,” he told her. His brows furrowed. “You’ve got our reports?”

Nodding, Nate said, “The lab techs assure me that it won’t matter if they pack up and move.” She leaned forward to look into his eyes. “You did well, Andy Capp. Just accept the compliment.”

Andy blinked. “Andy Capp?” he repeated, when Nate smiled, he gave Leon a flat-eyed glare. “Does this mean everyone is going to be calling me that ridiculous nickname?”

Leon chuckled and shrugged. “It suits you so well, partner mine,” he said, his tone light and teasing. Then, he moved to his feet, hesitating while Andy followed suit. He arched his brows at Nate, who shrugged. Then, they headed out of her office.

As they were heading down the corridor towards their own office, Andy said, “What was that look for?”

“I was wondering if she was going to scold you for disobeying my order out there,” he murmured. When Andy looked up at him in surprise, he rolled his eyes. “I told you to get out of there.”

“You said to take off, if you were spotted,” Andy said, nodding. He smirked and shook his head. “I followed that order to the letter, Lyova. I took off and got into the car and then… I came back and picked you up – to prevent your capture and possible torture or murder by enemy agents.”

Leon chuckled again and shook his head. “Are you saying that I should have ordered you to leave me behind?” he said.

“If that was truly what you wanted,” Andy said, nodding. He strode into their office and headed over to his desk. After settling Mariya on her pillow, he settled down at his computer. In moments, his fingers were moving over the keys in a rapid, steady rhythm.

“Already getting to your writing for the day?” Leon asked, as he turned on his own computer.

Andy rolled his eyes. “I’m sending a message to my cousin, asking him about the micro-transmitter. Are they really going to be able to track down the cell, even if they pack up shop?”

Leon scowled at him and then asked, “What’s he say?”

Glancing over at Leon, Andy smiled tightly. “All past experience says they will be able to do so,” he said, nodding. He heaved a sigh and then got to work on the story he was editing. It was a children’s book with his dog and Leon’s cat as the main characters.

“Next time,” Leon said, his voice soft. “Leave me behind, Andy. I don’t want you killed because of me.”

“Neither do I,” Andy said, looking over at his partner. He smiled faintly and then shook his head. “I’ve the same training as you, Leon. Stop trying to protect me. I can take care of myself.”

For a moment, Leon looked as though he was going to argue, but Andy cut him off. “Partners watch out for each other. That’s not the same as you keeping me from danger.”

“Right,” Leon said, ducking his head.

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