Kit McMillan

I’m working on minor characters from my 2017 NaNo, in preparation for editing the story later this year.

First Impressions

Name: Christopher “Kit” McMillan
Age: 36 years (May 4)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: quiet, intense, serious
Culture: He was born in the Midwest, in farm country. He prefers the wide open spaces to the city, which he finds loud and crowded.


Family: Parents (Pa and Ma); younger brother; son (Brian, 8 yrs old)
Friends: the members of his team; Leon
Romance: his wife, Amanda
Things: old pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather


Flaws: sensitive, extremely private, perfectionistic
Graces: creative, insightful, inspiring, decisive, passionate, altruistic
Quirks: he’s personable, but prefers to be alone at times
Skills: self-defense, firearms training



Diction: no detectable accent; quiet, crisp tones, very soft voice
Catchphrase: You sure about that?


Body: lean, muscular
Skin: lightly tanned
Hair: dark blond
Eyes: gray
Face: oval; freckled
Hands: large, muscular
Unique Features: none
Movement: careful, but easy; cat-like


Fashion Style: casual
Colors: favors cool colors (blue, green, gray) and browns
Textures: soft cottons, denims, leather
Clothing: button-up shirts, vests, jeans, boots; no tie
Accessories: wedding band; pocket watch
Entertainment: wood carving
Activities: riding, jogging