William Abrams

A member of Kit’s security team…

First Impressions

Name: William Abrams
Age: 34 years (April 8)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: cheerful, energetic, gregarious
Culture: He grew up in Texas and has a big sort of personality to match. He’s rather like an over-grown puppy at times.


Family: Ma; younger sisters
Friends: Teammates (particularly Kit)
Romance: has a new girlfriend every week
Things: his old pickup truck


Flaws: somewhat impractical, easily distracted, easily stressed, tendency to overthink things
Graces: curious, observant, excellent communicator; knows how to relax
Quirks: chafes when he’s being told what to do (very independent)
Skills: defensive driving, self-defense, firearms training



Diction: loud, boisterous; relaxed manner of speaking
Catchphrase: none


Body: Tall, broad-shouldered; muscular
Skin: medium tan
Hair: dark hair
Eyes: vibrant blue
Face: blocky, angular
Hands: large, strong
Unique Features: scar across shoulder
Movement: confident, almost cocky


Fashion Style: casual
Colors: prefers jewel tones and bright colors (particularly blue, red, green); plaids
Textures: cotton, denim
Clothing: casual button-up shirts, jeans, boots
Accessories: black leather jacket
Entertainment: bar-hopping
Activities: watching movies; going out with friends


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