Winston Jeffries

Another member of Kit’s security team

First Impressions

Name: Winston Jeffries
Age: 28 years (May 5)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: quiet, introspective, playful
Culture: He grew up in Texas, being raised by a single mother. He was not a very good student and joined the military directly after graduation, where he excelled.


Family: Mother (Monica Jeffries)
Friends: He is closest to Kit and Kolya
Romance: none currently
Things: his harmonica


Flaws: intensely private, perfectionist, sensitive
Graces: creative, insightful, determined and passionate, altruistic
Quirks: plays tunelessly on his harmonica when thinking
Skills: self-defense, firearms, sharp-shooter



Diction: Soft-spoken, laconic manner of speaking; very relaxed; uses idioms often
Catchphrase: You sure ‘bout that? (Yes… the same as Kit’s catchphrase)


Body: medium frame; muscular
Skin: medium fair
Hair: light brown
Eyes: dark blue
Face: oblong
Hands: strong, but small
Unique Features: light beard and mustache
Movement: easy-going, relaxed


Fashion Style: casual
Colors: warm, dark colors
Textures: soft cotton, denim
Clothing: dresses up when necessary; prefers tee shirts and jeans
Accessories: old leather jacket
Entertainment: riding, reading
Activities: music