Kolya Belenko

Another member of Kit’s security team…

First Impressions

Name: Nikolai Mikhailovych Belenko
Age: 30 years (Nov. 12)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: quiet, serious, rather formal
Culture: He grew up in Ukraine, following the take over of the country by the Veligradians. He was raised as part of the Program, under Kresnik. As a result, he has difficulty relaxing or making friends.


Family: He was young enough when his family was killed that he barely remembers them.
Friends: His closest friend is Winston
Romance: none, as yet
Things: a chess set that he feels is the only connection to his family (it was his father’s)


Flaws: somewhat arrogant; judgmental; overly analytical; clueless about romance
Graces: quick, imaginative, strategic mind; high self-confidence; hard-working; independent; open-minded
Quirks: overly formal
Skills: firearms, self-defense, chess, music



Diction: speaks in a crisp, soft voice, rather formalized in vocabulary choice
Catchphrase: Are you certain about that? (Doubters, the lot of them.)


Body: slight, slender build
Skin: medium complexion
Hair: very dark brown; parted at left side
Eyes: brown
Face: oblong; expressive brows
Hands: delicate
Unique Features: scar across chest
Movement: quick and efficient


Fashion Style: business
Colors: favors darker colors (navy, black); jewel tones in waistcoats
Textures: broadcloth shirt, worsted wool suits
Clothing: dress shirts; waistcoats; sports coats; neckties; trousers; oxfords or wingtips
Accessories: cufflinks, tie tack, watch
Entertainment: music, reading
Activities: plays chess, reads

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