Jonah Casey

Another member of Kit’s security team… (two more)

First Impressions

Name: Jonah Carey
Age: 45 years (Sept. 10)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: protective, strong, quiet, spiritual
Culture: He grew up traveling the world and living among many different peoples, because his father was a missionary. It gives him a very worldly view.


Family: parents, younger sister (married with children); married with grown child
Friends: closest to Leigh and Kolya
Romance: married (Rachel)
Things: wedding band


Flaws: sensitive, conflict-averse, can be unfocused and easily bored
Graces: bold, original, practical, observant, people person
Quirks: normally very relaxed, but has a violent temper when provoked
Skills: survival; firearms; self-defense



Diction: quiet voice, relaxed manner of speech
Catchphrase: none


Body: average height, muscular form
Skin: medium complexion
Hair: light brown with some gray
Eyes: gray
Face: square
Hands: strong, muscular
Unique Features: none
Movement: easy, unhurried


Fashion Style: relaxed, casual
Colors: prefers earth tones (blues, greens, browns), some cream and white
Textures: flannels, denims, canvas
Clothing: flannel plaid shirts, khakis and jeans; boots; relaxed, windbreaker type jackets
Accessories: watch, wedding band, belt
Entertainment: theater
Activities: reading, camping, riding