Leigh Donovan

First Impressions

Name: Leigh Donovan
Age: 37 years (April 6)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: serious, protective, generous
Culture: She grew up in a small town in Alabama. Her mother died when she was young and, as the oldest, she looked after her younger siblings.


Family: father, four younger siblings
Friends: closest to Jonah
Romance: engaged
Things: engagement ring


Flaws: can be insensitive; impatient at times; doesn’t always plan ahead (seizes the moment)
Graces: bold; original; practical; perceptive; sociable
Quirks: can be very impatient with Kolya
Skills: firearms, self-defense, medic training



Diction: Her accent lingers, giving her a relaxed manner of speech, but she uses proper grammar.
Catchphrase: none


Body: tall, full figure
Skin: warm brown
Hair: dark; usually straightened
Eyes: rich brown
Face: oval
Hands: fine, dexterous
Unique Features: none
Movement: quick, decisive; efficient


Fashion Style: sophisticated
Colors: rich jewel tones, warm earth tones
Textures: worsted wool; broadcloth; satin; velvet
Clothing: feminine suits with skirts; long jackets; pumps
Accessories: bold jewelry
Entertainment: reading, watching documentary programs
Activities: writing

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