Jane Noble

The final member of Kit’s security team… Considering the catchphrases for Kit, Winston and Kolya… this team will be fun to write.

First Impressions

Name: Jane Noble
Age: 27 years (Mar. 4)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: cheerful, playful, clever
Culture: She was raised by a single mother in Boston. Her mother did everything she could to improve Jane’s lot in life, wanting her daughter to have more than she had. Jane went to college on a scholarship.


Family: Mother (Anne Noble)
Friends: Will is her best friend
Romance: Caleb Jones is her boyfriend
Things: She has a locket with her mother and father’s pictures in it.


Flaws: sensitive, avoid conflict, easily bored, unfocused
Graces: bold, practical, observant, outgoing
Quirks: extremely forgetful, so she writes everything down
Skills: firearms, self-defense, computer science



Diction: She has something of an accent that betrays her origins. Her speech is easygoing. She is talkative.
Catchphrase: I’m positive! Stop asking!


Body: petite, slender
Skin: fair
Hair: red-brown
Eyes: brown
Face: oval; high cheekbones
Hands: deft, slender fingers
Unique Features: none
Movement: quick, graceful


Fashion Style: casual style
Colors: pastels, bright colors, light patterns
Textures: soft cotton, denim
Clothing: dresses up when necessary, prefers jeans, tank tops, flannel
Accessories: her locket, a handbag
Entertainment: riding, programming
Activities: coding, reading

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