The Next Emergency – 1

“Andy,” Kim said, peering into the office. “Leon! I’m so glad that you’re both in.”

Pausing in his typing, Andy tugged his glasses downward to frown at Kim. At the same time, Leon gave her a charming smile. “What’s up there, Kim Bear?” he asked.

“Aren’t you the clever one,” Kim said, rolling her eyes.

Andy smirked. “Truly,” he said. “Homer himself walks among us.”

“I’m a poet and I well know it,” Leon said, winking broadly. “I make a rhyme every time.”

“Enough,” Andy said, shooting him a glare. Turning back to Kim, he said, “Did you need us for something?”

“Nate said she needed to see you in her office,” Kim said, nodding. “She’s got something major that needs looking into and you’re the only qualified agents handy.”

“Not surprising, seeing as we’re the only Section Two agents in the Albany Field Office,” Leon said, as he got to his feet.

Andy grimaced, as he followed his partner’s example. “We can’t have a crisis,” he said, only partly teasing. “My schedule is already full.”

“Good luck with that excuse,” Leon said, fighting back a smile. He sent a jaunty wave in the direction of Angie as they swept past her desk. He rapped on the door to Nate’s office, waiting only a moment before she invited him in.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen,” she said, nodding as Leon opened the door. She smiled at Andy. “I’m the only one here, Andy. You can come on in.”

Andy fidgeted a bit before he followed his partner into the room. “Kim said there was some sort of emergency?” he said, as he settled down at the table which dominated the room. Leon sat down beside him, leaning to one side comfortably.

Nate frowned at them for a moment before she joined them at the table. “I’d like the both of you to escort some important dignitaries to a meeting in Washington,” she said. “Emily will run the Manor in your place.”

She met Andy’s gaze when he bit his lip. “She will also keep an eye on Martyn while you are both out of town,” she added. “That way, he won’t miss any school.”

Nodding, Andy asked, “When do we leave?”

“Right now,” she said. When both of them looked at her sharply, she shrugged. “The agents that were going to play escort were called away due to an emergency in Brussels,” she explained. “Right now, you two are the only agents with the proper clearance in the area.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Leon said, nodding.

As he moved to his feet, Andy also stood. “I’m supposed to finish the edits for chapter eighteen,” he said, scowling.

She nodded. “Bring it with you and email it as soon as you can,” she said. “Once you join up with your principals, they are your primary focus.”

“Understood,” Andy said. Then, he followed Leon back out of the office. “What’s going on in Brussels?” he murmured. “Isn’t that where our section three team was sent?”

“Yes and I don’t know,” Leon said, his voice soft. He beckoned to Kim and said, “Can you find out the situation in Brussels? Keep it on the downlow?”

“You got it,” she breathed, nodding. Giving them a wan smile, she held out their go-bags. “Good luck and stay safe,” her voice carrying in the normal way. “Your tickets are in the front pockets of your bags.”

“Thanks, Kim Bear,” Leon said, leaning in to kiss her cheek. “You’re a peach!”

Andy smirked and rolled his eyes. “Come on, Lover,” he said, catching Leon by the shirt sleeve and dragging him towards the door. He knew they could trust Kim to find out if their co-workers were all right. Whatever happened in Brussels, it couldn’t be good – not if it involved members of Section Three and now had Section Two agents being called away to deal with it.