Writer’s Block

It was one of those days when the cursor seemed determined to taunt Andy from the corner of the blank white page. It had been three days since he’d written a single word. At least the first of those three days he had been world building. That was writing, after a fashion. Yesterday, he’s simply not written and today seemed determined to follow that same pattern.

Heaving a sigh, Andy pushed away from his desk. He paced to the window, where he’d left a pile of recently acquired books. It wouldn’t have been correct to call them knew, although he’d just gotten them and had never read any of them.

They were old books. Some even had leather covers. All had pages that were discolored with age. If he was very lucky one of them might have even come with a book scorpion. The useful creatures ate the pests that would consume glue and other parts of old books.

Andy flipped open the cover of one and paged through it. It was filled with useful herbal lore. Even if he didn’t trust the information for personal use, it would be a good reference for his stories.

Many of the other books in the pile were of similar use. He was nearly through the pile when he opened a stained, cracked cover. His eyes widened as the pages began turning themselves. A soft glow seemed to emanate from the page themselves.

He set the book down on the desk, as the pages continued to turn. “Leon,” he called, his voice ringing through the house.

He was about to call again when two things happened. The first was that the pages sudden stopped turning, although the faint light remained. The other was that Leon had appeared in the doorway. “What’s wrong, Andy Capp?” he asked.

Waving at the book, Andy said, “That… Did you see?”

Leon blinked and then stepped over to the book. Carefully, he took hold of the pages. He slowly flipped back to the front cover. “This is… it’s a magician’s spell book, Andy,” he said. He closed the cover and, to Andy’s relief, the glow died. “Where’d you get it?” Leon asked, turning to face him.

Andy heaved a sigh. He ran his hand over his brow, even as he shook his head. “It was in the collection that I just purchased,” he said, his voice faint. “I didn’t realize it was… It seemed perfectly normal until I began to page through it.” Now that he thought of it, though, such a book would fit with the others in the collection. “What shall I do with it?”

Leon grimaced. “I will ask my dad,” he said. He headed out of the room, bringing the offending book with him.

Shaking his head, Andy hurried to follow Leon. He wasn’t going to get any writing done today. That much was certain. Hopefully, he would have better luck when he sat down to write tomorrow. If not, it might be time to break out his book of prompts.

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