About Shynia

Shynia is one of my countries that has a rather extensive history. If I ever get the entire history outlined, I may post a page here for it. In brief, it spent quite some time as a protectorate of Loyalia, under the rule of the Loyalian Emperor. When that empire was invaded by people from a neighboring land, Shynia was occupied by the forces of that foreign land. In response, many of the younger generation (and a few from the older generation) organized into a loose informational network. As time passed, that informational network became more structured and Shynian Intelligence (later called the Agency by most) was founded.

After many years, Loyalia won its independence from the country that had invaded it. Once the dust settled and the smoke cleared, the new ruler decided that having his own land was enough. He released the protectorate of Shynia to become its own country once more. The remaining land of Loyalia was divided into three parts, each with a ruler. The three Loyalia rulers meet regularly to discuss matters that effect all of Loyalia.

Not long after being granted independence, Shynia elected as their sovereign prince one Keenan Meadows, who was directly descended from the last sovereign prince. However, Keenan being Keenan, he didn’t really want to rule. As a result, he split the government in parts. The legislature became and elected body, having representatives from all over Shynia. He divided the work of the executive and judiciary branches between himself and several other elected officials. The only job he kept for the court of the sovereign prince (his court) was that of foreign relations. As such, while he holds the title of “Sovereign Prince” what he really is – when one comes right down to it – is the Spymaster of Shynia.

Shynia, being a rather small nation, wasn’t very wealthy to start with. They had a few things going for them, though. The first was that they have very fertile soil. That made it possible for them to sustain their people. The second benifit was that Shynians are taught from a very young age to be curious about the world around them. That results in more scientific innovations coming from Shynia than from any other land.

That same curiosity meant that, even after they had gained independence, they kept their intelligence network running. In fact, they became rather mercenary about it. Functioning under strict rules, agents are allowed to be hired by other governments to gather information or run intelligence operations of other sorts.

Shynia is a land of curiosity and, as such, it’s a land of both spies, engineers and scientists. A strange combination, but it seems to work for them.

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