The Lady Sarah

The Lady Sarah is a prototype of the new Solaris class vessels. It is the first ship designed for extended space missions by the Confederation of Sister Planets. It was launched from Starbright Station; given the mission to visit colonies from the worlds and figure out what had happened to many colonies that were supposedly lost.

There are enough crew quarters to house the 430 crewmembers, as well as their immediate families (spouses and children) and any visitors they might be transporting. It is equipped with a slip drive and a ship’s avatar designed to look like the captain’s late wife. Later, a time-step device and morphing field are added to facilitate the mission in finding out what happened to the lost colonies. In addition to the landing vessel (the Selina-class Little Bird), there are two small shuttlecraft (Estella-class), three small fightercraft (Houki-class) and crew teleportation capacity.

Members of the Crew
Captain Kit Locksley – expert in intelligence analysis; a widower with a young son
Commander Calleigh Skyler – first officer; winged
Ophelia Weston – chief councilor; recommended the name of the ship to Confederation Command
Doctor Matthew Rivers – chief medical officer; has an eye for the ladies; frequently flirts with Ophelia
Kenneth Holmes – chief security officer
Gretchen Neary – chief engineer
Ryan Ericksen – chief magi-neer (handles the magical aspects of the ship’s engineering); twelve years old
David Johnson – chief science officer
Zachary Lochlan – a member of the science team; looks like a child most of the time, but is actually an adult
Julian Southmaid – joins later as a member of engineering; widower with a young daughter
Raven Starbright – Chris Starbright’s sister; the ship’s navigation officer
Alexander Pemberton – former Warden; the ship’s communications officer
Schuyler Nightsong – a member of the security team; very short; has strong magic
Carlisle Michaels – a spirit given physical form by Schuyler, to serve and protect him

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