Shynian Intelligence

It’s said that everyone in Shynia works, in some capacity, for the Agency. This isn’t entirely true, but it seems to be so at times. Shynia has one of the most extensive intelligence networks on its world.

As is natural with an organization of this size, there are several types of agents. The main types are administrative agents, intelligence agents and field agents. Administrative agents work exclusively from the main office of Shynian Intelligence. They keep things running smoothly on a daily basis. They keep track of the contracts other countries have with the Agency and make sure there are no conflicts. They see that information is disseminated out to the people it needs to be.

Intelligence agents also work at the main office and the smaller branches all over the world (and at every Shynian embassy). However, rather than simply doing the day to day business of the Agency, they work with agents in the field and handle the information they have gathered. There are, mainly, two types. Communications agents have the sole responsibility of keeping track of and in touch with field agents. Research agents are the agents charged with sorting through the intelligence that has been gathered.

Field agents are just what the name implies. These are the people who actually gather the intelligence, through various means, that the Agency uses. There are several varieties of field agents. Undercover agents adopt aliases and false identities in order to gather information. Surveillance agents watch people of interest to the Agency. Operatives use their various talents to perform field operations. Enforcers are the assassins of the Agency. Additionally, they are sent to bring people of interest into custody.

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